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West Trail Run Grant

Application Deadline October 31, 2024

In order to promote the implementation of local watershed quality stewardship projects, a portion of the proceeds generated from the West Trail Run will be awarded back to the community through one watershed quality award of $1000.00. Local Non-Profits will have the opportunity to submit specific stewardship proposals that will be judged by the Race Planning Committee.   The committee is seeking projects focused on Pollutant Runoff Reduction Implementation. Contest entries include any proposed project that involves the implementation/installation Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will improve runoff within a specific watershed.  Examples BMPs could include, but not be limited to, rain gardens or other bio-retention basins, tree plantings, downspout disconnection, rain barrels, etc.    

Eligibility: The grant can be awarded to any Non-Profit that submits an application that attest the award money will be utilized to implement the project as submitted in the contest entry form.  Applicants must participate in the West Trail Runoff by providing a a Water Quality booth or at least 2 - 5k Runners.

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